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Tips#1: Read Together Every Day
Read to your child every day. Make this a warm and loving time when the two of you can cuddle close together. Bedtime is an especially great time for reading together.
Tips#2: Give Everything A Name
You can build comprehension skills early, even with the littlest child. Play games that involve naming or pointing to objects. Say things like, "Where's your nose?" and then, "Where's Mommy's nose?" Or touch your child's nose and say, "What's this?"

Uttarakhand, being one of the most soothing hill stations in India is boasting over Dehradun city as its capital city. The government of Uttarakhand state is well-aware of advanced education and so engrossed in advancing the status of education in the city of Dehradun. Dehradun is quite enriched with adequate numbers of schools like residential/boarding schools, international schools and primary or pre-primary schools. Education has got the top most position in this city. All the families of urban of area of Dehradun are well-educated and involved in reputed occupations. As families are well-educated and earning adequate money for their pleasure and surviving this life so, it is also obvious to pace on the top point in the list of their basic needs. A well-educated family is of course aware of the importance of education in today's era. They know very well about all the rising competition in the field of profession and so in education.

Apart from today's era's need, education has always been one of human's basic needs. After being fulfilled with all the above three basic needs viz. clothing, sheltering and feeding, 'Education' becomes people's fourth need. Education is meant for enlightening the blurred visions of human. Knowledge is something which can give a poor the highest post of respect man in society. But today, it has developed a little bit change in its importance. Like nowadays; children go to schools with only one motto to score highest marks in examination so that getting job can be possible; that is true also. We are supposed to run with the blowing wind's motion. Parents have developed high ambitions on their children that they will shine their names up by getting them posted at reputed posts. People will get to know them through the achievements of their children. This kind of thinking and opinion are common in our parents.

Tips#3: Say How Much You Enjoy Reading Together
Tell your child how much you enjoy reading with him or her. Look forward to this time you spend together. Talk about "story time" as the favorite part of your day.
Tips#4: Be Interactive
Engage your child so he or she will actively listen to a story. Discuss what's happening, point out things on the page, and answer your child's questions. Ask questions of your own and listen to your child's responses.

To maintain or work on people's demands, our government is now all engrossed in launching new programmes and schemes for coming up with new and innovative methods so that parents can see their children's future shining with all success. Top schools in Dehradun can develop a child's future and can be liable also to degrade a child's future. Though, all the allegations cannot be thrown on schools, because, mutual educational transactions evoke success in life, somewhere the nourishment at home by parents can also be responsible behind this specific issue. But, as parents have given all the responsibilities to bring their children up by providing all the required needs of making life victorious to the school teachers, so, after all, teachers feel responsible for every kind of consequence.

In addition, if we again discuss over the education in Dehradun city then we have to come up with that, this city prefers English medium schools, like all the world schools and all other schools which have achieved position in ranking are all English medium and affiliated under central board or state board. Students are selected on the basis of merit test and then cafe to face to interview is also conducted as to observe the confidence level and way of approaching to life, so as to make the designation of the school famous through delivering eligible candidates. This is how; today's education is occurring.

Tips#5: Read It Again And Again And Again
Your child will probably want to hear a favorite story over and over. Go ahead and read the same book for the 100th time! Research suggests that repeated readings help children develop language skills.
Tips#6: Talk About Writing, Too
Draw your child's attention to the way writing works. When looking at a book together, point out how we read from left to right and how words are separated by spaces.
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