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Tips#1: Read Together Every Day
Read to your child every day. Make this a warm and loving time when the two of you can cuddle close together. Bedtime is an especially great time for reading together.
Tips#2: Give Everything A Name
You can build comprehension skills early, even with the littlest child. Play games that involve naming or pointing to objects. Say things like, "Where's your nose?" and then, "Where's Mommy's nose?" Or touch your child's nose and say, "What's this?"

Preschool plays an extremely important role in a child's life. Learning is a gradual process. A child learns and grasps each and every thing at an early age. This makes it important to provide just the perfect environment for each child to derive basic or preschool education right from an early age, so that there is a systematic and well trained environment for the child to follow.

The Zee Education Network Group is a truly dedicated body that believes in the notion that children are the foundation of society and a proper school environment right from the foundation level truly helps to build up smart, confident children who have an extremely positive attitude in life. Thus, the entire group of centres for Montessori school in Kolkata along with franchisee have been setup to enable parents to give the best and quality based education to their children from an early age.

The montessori centres are purely dedicated to ensure that the growth of each child is very well monitored and full emphasis is given to bring out the best in each child. The specialized classroom as well as outdoor activities that the kids are made to do help each of the toddlers to be more creative and participate with full interest and enthusiasm.

The amazing ambience and learning environment created at the pre-primary school in Kolkata is right up to match international standards of education and there are state of the art teaching techniques incorporated with amazing training sessions right from the time a baby steps into the environment.

Tips#3: Say How Much You Enjoy Reading Together
Tell your child how much you enjoy reading with him or her. Look forward to this time you spend together. Talk about "story time" as the favorite part of your day.
Tips#4: Be Interactive
Engage your child so he or she will actively listen to a story. Discuss what's happening, point out things on the page, and answer your child's questions. Ask questions of your own and listen to your child's responses.

Qualified and well trained teachers offer quality time and education to each child with special attention provided to each one, so as to actually gauge the amount of progress made in a stipulated time period. Every little care is taken to impart quality education in every area of learning.

Analytical skills in numbers, language development, recitation and poetry, personality development, learning the basic manners, cleanliness, keeping the environment clean, maintaining discipline and much more is taught with grace and total love and care at the wonderful centres of Montessori school in Kolkata group. There is an emphasis on developing the three R'S. That is reading, writing and Arithmetic right from the primary stage so that each child learns how to enjoy and learn each important lesson with great enthusiasm.

Since the Zee group truly believes that education is an all round development for each child. There are classes held for extracurricular activities as well. Every week days there are evening classes and morning classes on Saturdays are held for art, craft, music, gardening.

Each of the centres for playschool or Montessori school in Kolkata have the teachers working meticulously to complete a set schedule or a set of different programs keeping in line with the syllabus in each session. There is a target oriented set of rules that are followed. This ensures that each child gets to participate in all activities and learning procedures at each particular session. The pre-primary school in Kolkata has been acknowledged as the ultimate centre for learning for preschool kids and toddlers. There have been accolades awarded to the Montessori for keeping up to high standards and quality education right from day one of its journey to carve out smart and confident children to take on life with full enthusiasm and interest.

Tips#5: Read It Again And Again And Again
Your child will probably want to hear a favorite story over and over. Go ahead and read the same book for the 100th time! Research suggests that repeated readings help children develop language skills.
Tips#6: Talk About Writing, Too
Draw your child's attention to the way writing works. When looking at a book together, point out how we read from left to right and how words are separated by spaces.
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