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Tips#1: Read Together Every Day
Read to your child every day. Make this a warm and loving time when the two of you can cuddle close together. Bedtime is an especially great time for reading together.
Tips#2: Give Everything A Name
You can build comprehension skills early, even with the littlest child. Play games that involve naming or pointing to objects. Say things like, "Where's your nose?" and then, "Where's Mommy's nose?" Or touch your child's nose and say, "What's this?"

Camping is a healthy form of escape for children from the pressures of school. It's a change of pace and camps can help kids become the person they want to be. Children from preschool Orchard Road can relax and learn life skills – such as making friends and playing fair – which will serve them and the people whose live they touch. Camp is not only about recreation. More than anything, they say camp teaches individuals about life and how to live it well. It is a unique place to learn and the children attending preschools in Orchard Road can get a lot of benefits from participating in camps.

If your child is scheduled to start “real” school in the fall at one of the childcare centers in Orchard Road, day camp will give him a taste of what's to come, such as having a structured day, following classroom rules, and learning to organize his stuff because chances are that there will be a designated place for him to put his backpack, lunch box, and other belongings. Learning to make a break from Mom and Dad can be an invaluable benefit of day camp for children attending childcare Orchard Road especially since camp counselors, whose objectives are mainly to make sure your child is safe and entertained, may be more relaxed about dealing with distraught kids than a preschool teacher who views facilitating separations as a “lesson.” There are also plenty of new things that kids can learn in camp. Learning to interact with other children – including sharing and taking turns – can be a huge benefit of day camp, especially a child who hasn't yet had many opportunities to hang out with kids his age. Even if your child has been attending nursery Orchard Road, chances are he will encounter plenty of fresh little faces at a camp.

Tips#3: Say How Much You Enjoy Reading Together
Tell your child how much you enjoy reading with him or her. Look forward to this time you spend together. Talk about "story time" as the favorite part of your day.
Tips#4: Be Interactive
Engage your child so he or she will actively listen to a story. Discuss what's happening, point out things on the page, and answer your child's questions. Ask questions of your own and listen to your child's responses.

And lastly, camps for kids can also teach the children from kindergarten Orchard Road about a lot of things such as the galaxy, the stars, how to build a fire or set up a tent. The camp experience enriches lives and changes the world. Fostering a sense of caring community, offering educational and social development, and simply providing a safe and fun place for children attending preschool Orchard Road to enjoy, are just a few things that camps offer. There are literally thousands of camp options available to children each year. From day camps to summer long adventures overseas, camps offer a wide variety of choices, benefits, and costs.

There are also other community events available for children from childcare center Orchard Road . There are events hosted by the public library and fund raising events for children. Just keep a look out over the events in your community. Children can benefit a lot from these things – through education and experience.

If your child is not yet enrolled in any of the Childcare Center in Orchard Road such as Mindchamp Orchard Road and Montessori Orchard Road, you can visit

Tips#5: Read It Again And Again And Again
Your child will probably want to hear a favorite story over and over. Go ahead and read the same book for the 100th time! Research suggests that repeated readings help children develop language skills.
Tips#6: Talk About Writing, Too
Draw your child's attention to the way writing works. When looking at a book together, point out how we read from left to right and how words are separated by spaces.
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