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Tips#1: Read Together Every Day
Read to your child every day. Make this a warm and loving time when the two of you can cuddle close together. Bedtime is an especially great time for reading together.
Tips#2: Give Everything A Name
You can build comprehension skills early, even with the littlest child. Play games that involve naming or pointing to objects. Say things like, "Where's your nose?" and then, "Where's Mommy's nose?" Or touch your child's nose and say, "What's this?"

Video games are probably the most attractive entertainment tool for the present generation kids. With its unprecedented demand amongst the students across the world, the market is now flooded with such games, and with various themes. Most of them are prepared with the business motive and very few of them are being made with the motive of providing knowledge to the students. This is on the side for which the video games sometimes invite the wrath of the critics.

However, the criticism that video games could be devastating for the young minds is of course not entirely true. Like all other inventions, it has some flaws but along with it has got some excellent benefits also. These benefits are multiplied many times when a game is developed by cleverly incorporating a learning approach within it.

Physics being one of the most important subjects of pure science has always claimed special attention from the students and the game makers are well aware of it.

This awareness and the importance and popularity of physics as a subject in the student world has resulted in the development of some unique physics-based video games which when played by the kids can really give them a good idea about the practical application of physics as well can really make them fond of this subject.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Parents need to know that Crayon Physics Deluxe is a nifty puzzle game that can teach your kids some physics. A play is drawing-based, wherein your cursor becomes a crayon, and once you draw something it immediately assumes mass and weight. In this game kids use physics creatively, drawing scales, weights, hinges, and slides to guide balls to objectives. The game is played in an equation-free environment where every problem has multiple solutions. Although your solutions are drawn on the screen with a computer mouse, you don't have to be good at drawing to play this game. It's about exploring how physics affects the objects you draw. What makes this game so good is it encourages you to expand your thinking — if something doesn't work, you have to figure out why and try something else.

Fluidity: Spin Cycle

Fluidity: Spin Cycle is a physics-based puzzle game without much in the way of iffy content. Players get to experiment with the effects of gravity as they spin their 3DS system around to pour a water spirit through various mazes, solving little navigational puzzles along the way.


Tumble is a downloadable physics-based puzzle game that uses the PlayStation Move motion controller. Kids will simply love manipulating blocks onscreen with the PlayStation Move motion controller (required). Objectives grow in a challenge from level to level, and the shape of the blocks we're provided changes as well. Expect cylinders, pyramids, and boxes with irregular sides. Subtler, though equally important, are the differences in block materials. Sturdy wood, slippery glass, and pliable rubber affect the way blocks settle on one another.

World of Goo

World of Goo contains little in the way of potentially offensive content. Its narrative — which focuses on semi-intelligent balls of goo being used by a corporation to develop products such as beauty cream and a kind of drink — contains concepts geared for older players, but there is never anything graphic or scary. However, the puzzle-based play, while intuitive and simple at first, quickly becomes difficult enough that it may frustrate some children. But it's World of Goo's physics-based conundrums that make the game a truly special — perhaps even brilliant — interactive experience. Most puzzles have wonderfully imaginative premises. The key to all of these funs is how the goo balls are governed by the same physical laws present in our world. All we really need do to solve each puzzle is apply our understanding of real-world forces such as gravity and the wind.

Tips#3: Say How Much You Enjoy Reading Together
Tell your child how much you enjoy reading with him or her. Look forward to this time you spend together. Talk about "story time" as the favorite part of your day.
Tips#4: Be Interactive
Engage your child so he or she will actively listen to a story. Discuss what's happening, point out things on the page, and answer your child's questions. Ask questions of your own and listen to your child's responses.

Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is a physics-based first-person puzzle game with little in the way of iffy content. The game's focus is to have players use their brains to figure out solutions to challenging but fair puzzles that demand clear and rational thought. Puzzles are baked into the game world and force kids to draw on their understanding of real physical laws to discern solutions.

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device is the 27th title in the Nancy Drew series of point-and-click mystery adventure games from Her Interactive. The game offers two levels of difficulty. Younger players might need an adult's help to solve some of the. It is a fantastic adventure game with interesting characters and an intriguing mystery to solve. Kids can learn about the sciences of electricity, chemistry, and physics as they explore the research facility. Kids will build a vocabulary of scientific terms such as photolithography and biometrics. Some mini game puzzles involve math.

Backyard Engineers

Backyard Engineers is an online game that helps kids think like engineers as they design their own homemade catapults to launch water balloons at neighborhood bullies. Players experiment with physics concepts and manipulate several catapult components — such as gear ratios, arm lengths, and building materials — in their quest to design the ultimate water-balloon launcher. It's easy enough to jump in, with helpful tutorials and extra instructional text throughout, but don't expect deep, content-based learning. The game is focused more on users getting a feeling for engineering and physics. Building catapults is a great way to learn about problem-solving and engineering, but the how and why of catapults don't get explained well. This game does a good job of introducing kids to the ideas of design and iteration, the repeated testing of a design


This is a Physics based space game where you build, fly and fight with whatever you can find in space. Boost your imaginative power and truly make you interested in physics about space and rocket science. The imagination to create something usable from the rubbles of the space and using it effectively against your enemy empower your creativity and also gives you an interesting idea about the laws of physics based on which the articles in space moves in different directions and based on which the rocket science has been developed.


It is a very well realized point to point physics racer, it offers some new and interesting innovations to the standard formula and they have executed these innovations very well, Easy to get into, but very hard to master, perfectionists will spend hours mastering each of the game's levels and even if that's not your thing, O3DX will still consume plenty of your time, The graphics although a little substandard at times, will completely wow you for the majority. If you're a fan of games like Trials or Joe Danger, O3DX is right up your street. I'd have no hesitation in recommending O3DX even at this early point of development. It's not quite there yet, but even now, it's more polished than other games that have already reached the end of their development.

Simple Planes

If flying an airplane is your dream or if the dream moves around the mechanisms of making an airplane, then this video game is the one which you can choose to provide a solid support to your dream. Starting from the blueprints of designing the airplanes and shaping it according to the blueprints by joining various sections as well fitting it with the engines, truly gives the player a feeling of being an aeronautical engineer and when the plane starts flying the feeling is one of making a plane and flying it perfectly based on the realistic applications of laws of Physics.

Tips#5: Read It Again And Again And Again
Your child will probably want to hear a favorite story over and over. Go ahead and read the same book for the 100th time! Research suggests that repeated readings help children develop language skills.
Tips#6: Talk About Writing, Too
Draw your child's attention to the way writing works. When looking at a book together, point out how we read from left to right and how words are separated by spaces.
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