Month: November 2017

Courses With Great Future Prospects Computer And Graphic Design Courses

The people of present generation can't live without the computers. They enjoy working on computers the most. But if a person is interested in computers and is highly creative then he /she should opt computers as his/her career prospects. Computers courses are not at all limited to any one field but there is a diverse […]

Some Basic Advantages Of Movable Alphabets For Your Kids

Learning is really an awesome and funny activity. When it is taken in a play way manner, it really becomes an enjoyable activity. There is a huge difference between learning through understanding and learning through mugging. Though both are important, but there are high chances of forgetting easily as soon as one goes for mugging […]

Optimising A Bright Child39s Learning Potential

Are you worried about your children's academic performance? Do you feel that the school system is not designed to assist your children in achieving their full learning potential? Does your schedule not allow you to regularly help your children with their homework? Do the current curricula give you the notion that you are inadequately equipped […]

Teaching Kids To Care

Teaching kids to care about others early in life grows as a result of the development of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, according to preschool teacher training, is the ability “to rein in emotional impulse; to read another's inmost feelings and to handle relationships smoothly”. When emotional intelligence is nurtured from an early age, it enables […]

Little Millennium The Effects Of Kids Play School

Communication is the most important aspect in the growth of every child. Therefore maintaining a correct and balanced student teacher ratio i.e 1:10 (one teacher for every ten students) is necessary. One such primary school that gives this aspect importance is the Little Millennium School founded in 2006 and successfully running over 240 pre- schools […]

Honoring Kids39 Ways Of Knowing

The Child's Ways of Knowing According to Teacher training and other developmental theorists, learning early in life is reliant on concrete perceptual information. For the young kid, learning is experienced as sensory absorption or sensorimotor stimulation. During the early stages of cognitive development, awareness conducts thought. This is in divergence to the adult's ways of […]

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