Month: June 2017

A Must To Do Checklist For Parents Of Newly Diagnosed Blind Or Visually Impaired Children

1. Locate a Pediatric Ophthalmologist specializing in your child's specific eye condition. 2. Research low vision specialist in your area. This provider evaluates visual acuities, visual fields, functional vision skills and the potential need for prescriptive glasses or sunglasses. The low vision specialist will also evaluate the need for low vision devices (magnifiers or closed […]

Why Is It Necessary For Your Child39s Preschool To Meet The Student To Teacher Ratio

Given that well over one-third of kids under the age of five go to preschool, finding quality preschool is an important issue facing parents. According to experts, probably the most vital aspects will be the student to teacher ratio. Children are safer and are also more ready for school due to lower ratios. Therefore, the […]

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